Reflection 2

Today in class we had a guest lecture from Dr. Deveny. He told us about Al-Andalus or Islamic Spain. Islamic Spain is something we never really learn about in history class so coming into the lecture i had a open mind. I learned about how the Arabs made Cordoba the most important city in the world at 1000AD due to their focus on science and scholarly subjects, the library in Cordoba alone had 400,000 books that were all hand written. We also learned about the Arab influence on the Spanish language such as words that start with a “al” in a Spanish come from Arabic. We also learned that the political climate in Al-Andalus wasn’t black and white. There were Muslims fighting Muslims, Christians fighting Christians, christian fighting Muslims, and Christians fighting for the Muslims making for a very confusing political climate. I thought the lecture was very informational. I wish Al-Andalus was a subject talked about more in history class because it’s very interesting and lasted for a significant amount of time from the 700s-1400s AD.

Reflection 2

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