Weekly Reflection 1 – why i am taking “Arab World”

I decided to take “Arab World” because i was interested in learning about Arab culture. They have a interesting culture that i wish i learn more about. My interest in the Arab world began when i was in middle school, sixth grade to be exact. My dad serves in the US Navy and was deployed to Afghanistan for a whole year. I knew nothing about the middle east at that time, i didn’t even know that Afghanistan was a country. I remember that we learned some history and geography in middle school but it was never in depth. When i was in ninth grade, my dad was deployed to Qatar for 6 months. I knew a little bit more about the arab world at that point but not enough. I took AP World History in high school but the course was fast paced so we moved very quickly through units in order to be prepared for the AP test in may, this meant that we didn’t really focus on the arab world that much. My dad told me how beautiful Afghanistan was further sparking my interest. I’d like to visit the arab world one day. I’m hoping that taking this course will give me a much better understanding of the arab world.

Weekly Reflection 1 – why i am taking “Arab World”

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